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I get a fair share of people asking me about consultations. They want to know what they are, what they consist of, etc.

There are several approaches to consultations based on the vision the astrologer has with astrology. In the old days, the word, “consultation” didn’t exist. It was a “reading.” In a reading, the astrologer sat there and quoted descriptions of astrology learned over many years. “Your Sun is in the 2nd House. This highlights finances in your life. Its position in Cancer shows that you can make money from cooking or nurturing others.” The astrologer would go, round-robin through the whole horoscope. It is quite entertaining but is almost completely useless and unhelpful.

A horoscope provides us with a map of the way things are supposed to be. It is the perfect you and the imperfect you. Just as a doctor looks at an X-Ray, blood or urine tests to see what the issues are, an astrologer does so with a horoscope. The difference is that when a doctor has an X-Ray or results from a blood test, the results are proven facts. A horoscope is a map of your needs, strengths and weaknesses as they should be if you’ve lived your life the way it was intended to be. But what happened when a woman with 20 planets in Aries and 30 planets in Leo went to an astrologer in the year 1915? Where and how was such a woman able to express all of the ego needs that are necessary when those two Signs are emphasized? Women couldn’t vote, were expected to walk behind men and all kinds of demeaning foolishness like that. That is an extreme example.

A more realistic examplewould be a child who has great artistic talent but, because he is born into a family where there is a lineage of police officers, feels obligated to go into law enforcement. Such a person comes to an astrologer…..the astrologer sees a conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune on the Midheaven. There is a Libra Ascendant and 5th House activity coupled with perhaps 3 quintiles in the horoscope. Such a person goes to an astrologer. The astrologer has an expectation of artistic proclivities but the man says, “I am a Sergeant on the police force.” Screech!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a second! You are a police officer?

Those are the kinds of things that happen all the time. It doesn’t mean that astrology is wrong. It means that the person has exercised free will or, in the case of the policeman, felt forced or influenced to make a decision from the influence of the family. The horoscope remains true to what is supposed to be and these variances from what should be and what is are some of the things that have to be discussed in a consultation. The idea is to see how close to actualizing yourself you are, not defining you in an entertaining factor by saying crap like, “your Saturn in the 4th House means you like antiques.”

When people say, “I just want to know about my finances and love life,” which is often the case, they are usually expecting that entertaining performance. But a holistic astrologer goes deeper by showing the role that you have played in what brought you to where you are today. Planets are never responsible for anything that happens in your life. If you have a bad divorce, it isn’t because of a planet. The planet didn’t get married or make bad decisions or catch his husband or wife sleeping with another. It isn’t the planet’s fault. Things that happen in life happen because of the decisions you do or do not make. But when you are aware of who you are, what your needs are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, the hurtful, destructive things that happen in life are lessened.

So, in a consultation, you are going to learn about you, the psychology of you. If you didn’t get enough hugs from your father and you are looking to replace him by being demanding of those hugs in a relationship, holistic astrology is going to tell you that your relationship problem is related to issues that you have with the way your paternal relationship was and until that is addressed, the same issues will continue to happen in relationships.

Once the understanding of you has taken place, we can project (not predict) into the future by looking at the measurements and placing them within the context of the life you are living. Transiting Neptune going over the Midheaven can have a completely different manifestation in the life of a musician versus in the life of someone running ponzi schemes or selling drugs to little kids. Your reality comes first and then we use the horoscope within the frame of reference of your life.

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