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John Kerry is going to be named as the new Secretary of Defense by President Obama. Jay Leno joked that Kerry will just bore everyone so that they will not want to attack the country. That actually made me laugh because Kerry is a pretty boring guy. Boring or not, he is about to get a promotion.

As is usually the case with me, anytime I hear or read things about people whose charts I have, I look at the chart to see which of the life-changing aspects are on hand. Nothing of life-changing significance happens without one of the life-changing measurements. I have my software set with those measurements so I can see what’s going on easily and quickly.

Lock clockwork, here are the important measurements ahead for Kerry: SP Moon conjunct an Angle; TP (Tertiary Progressed) Moon conjunct an Angle; Tr Uranus opp MC; SA MC=ASC; Tr Jupiter conj Moon; Tr Jupiter opp ASC; SP Moon opp Saturn. The big one in this is the transit of Uranus opposing the Midheaven.

In the double-wheel above with Solar Arcs on the outside, you can see the Midheaven racing to conjoin the Ascendant – career and world status coming into a focus with the identity. The SA of the Sun to Jupiter is still within orb.

The double-wheel with the Secondary Progressed Moon on the outside clearly shows the Moon headed to crossing the Ascendant and the transit double-wheel has Uranus highlighted. When you see things like this lining up, you don’t make a prediction that one is about to become Secretary of Defense. You say, “There are indications in your horoscope that a major shift potential is ahead that focuses on your career. What are your plans for the next year? Is there anything that you have been working towards that involves your career?”

This is really simple stuff to do. You only have to know what to look for. You eliminate trines and sextiles. They do nothing but maintain what already is. They are not developmental. You eliminate the Sun through Mars as transits. You eliminate Secondary Progressions except for the Moon and keep it simple…no need for asteroids, Uranians or kitchen sinks. It will almost always be about strong arcs to an Angle (or the Sun or Moon), or transits of the outer planets (you can include Jupiter contacts to the Sun) to an Angle, Sun or Moon. It isn’t rocket science at all. I marvel when I see other approaches where they are using something like progressed Pluto trine transiting Milky Way and things like that. Why use the word, “vicissitude” when you can just say “the changes in life can really be challenging.” It is like turning 2+2 into calculus.

Astrologers spend a lot of time entertaining themselves and entertaining other astrologers with a lot of meaningless technical babble. It is so very unnecessary.

Less is more. The more you can say with less, the better.

The biggest problem with astrology is astrologers!

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