Basil Fearrington's New Way Astrology is really an invaluable site to bookmark and reference. The information available is astounding! Everything is there so I decided to put ASTROLOGY in the search engine and what came up was, as usual, embarrasing. However, it is good to see this.

In our seriousness of talking about aspects, significator dynamics, need theory, Housea and so on, we forget that we are in the serious, serious, serious minority in the world’s population. What you will see when you access the provided link is much closer to how astrology is seen by 97% of the world’s population and this is why I get on a soapbox so often about certain factions in astrology who promote the BS for financial purposes only. Some of thee most popular sites in astrology, making a fortune, promote kindergarten level astrology. It is very popular because it is entertaining and easy to understand, like listening to Britney Spears instead of Chick Corea. Britney Spears can’t even sing and can fill up a 40,000 seat stadium. Chick Corea does well to fill a 3000 seat auditorium. People like it when it is easy to understand but in astrology, that doesn’t cut it.

Just today, I saw on a site where someone spent 1000 words talking about how any relationship with a conjunction between one person’s Mars and the other person’s Venus GUARANTEED relationship success. I saw that same person write about how Aries and Cancer can’t make it together. There is just nothing substantive about this. Yet, anyone who knows even that much can say that they are an astrologer. The unknowing person knows no different and that is part and parcel of how astrology gets the rap it gets with the mass media.

I suppose we have this kind of elementary versus advanced argument in just about anything in life. It certainly exists in the music business. Jazz musicians have been having to live through it forever. Kenny G has sold more records than Miles Davis. Charlie Parker, and Wynton Marsalis have all together. I guess it’s just the way it is but it doesn’t cut it in astrology. When astrology is simplified and generalized, astrologers lose by being stereotyped and people lose because they get frothy information.